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Drawstring bags are a simple way to advertise and show customer appreciation. These bags are useful, affordable, and customizable allowing you to choose the colors and designs on each bag that you purchase.


There are many different materials to choose from for your drawstring bags, including all-natural jute and cotton. Some of the most popular materials for these bags include nylon, cotton, jute, and mesh. Different materials are also available for different uses. For instance, there are transparent bags that are meant to hold wine bottles and all-natural jute bags are eco-friendly since they will biodegrade and are made from sustainable resources. The materials that you choose should be suited to your personal needs.

Nylon bags are a good choice when you want to customize the bag. Nylon will display your company logo, family name, or message nicely. You will also want to customize the size of the bag. For smaller prize packages and promotional items, a three by five bag is a nice option, while larger items may need an eight by twelve sized bag. Add your company logo and you have a nice packaging option for all kinds of products. You will find that customers appreciate the durable materials of the bag just as much as the items inside.

Marketing and Advertising

Drawstring bags are a simple tool that can make a big impact on your marketing and advertising campaign. Every customer loves promotional items and will use the bags for day to day errands. Word of mouth is one of the most effective ways to spread the word about your company, whether you are just starting out or have a large, established corporation. One reason that bags are a great choice for promoting your name brand is that they can be used over and over by people of all ages and backgrounds.

For the best promotional drawstring bags, you may want to choose a size that appeals to the customer. Larger, backpack style bags are a good choice because they are the ideal sizing to carry any kind of item. For example, customers may use the bag as a carry-all for their daily necessities, as a diaper bag on the run, or for their lunch at work. With so many uses for one bag, you will find that this promotional item will be around, and spreading the word about your company, for some time to come.


You have many different options for customizing your drawstring bags aside from the sizing. You can also choose the color and print that is on the bag as well as the sizing and the material that the bag is made from. Some ideas for color, size, and material combinations include the following:

Choose a wide selection of colors that have your logo to appeal to more customers.

Choose jute or organic material for customers purchasing your natural, eco-friendly products. Add your logo as the main feature of the bag.

Use the bag to package a special promotional item. If you are selling an eco-friendly item, then a jute bag is a rustic package that customers will love.

Nylon bags are an excellent option for sports and school-based products. Nylon is tough enough for even the youngest customer to use for an extended time, is washable, and will hold your company logo nicely even through many washings.

Mesh bags are a good choice when you want to display the product inside. You can choose a mesh bag with a nylon bottom panel to display your logo on.

Transparent bags are a great choice when you want to really brighten up your product. The bag won’t take away from the appeal of the item but will provide the customer with a good presentation for giving the item as a gift.

There are endless possibilities when you choose drawstring bags as part of your marketing campaign or for packaging. These bags are also a good choice when getting together for a family reunion or for members of your company.

Buying in Bulk

When you purchase drawstring bags in bulk you will save more money. You may find that some companies offer these bags at a very affordable price, often less than just a few dollars, when you purchase one hundred bags or more in your order. Your company can use this as just a portion of your marketing and advertising campaign for a very low cost, yet you will enjoy all the benefits of a much more expensive advertising campaign. You can also have bags made for a charity or any organization in need of more attention.

Some bags do need to be made for each order. For instance, if you order bags with your company logo imprinted on them then you may need to wait for seven to ten working days for the bags to be completed. You may find that some companies that sell drawstring bags will take a little more time if you have very specific design needs for your bags.

You can easily have your bags made to order quickly if you need them in time for a spur of the moment promotion or advertising campaign. Make sure that you have chosen the right size bag for your promotion and think of the customers when ordering to get bags that please both you and the consumers who use them.
Lisa Ortiz
Lisa Ortiz

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