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Believe it or not, a messenger bag has been used for plenty of years, dating back to ancient times when messengers traveled on foot. These days, it’s a popular choice due to its design and functionality. The particular construction of a messenger bag is very useful and can contain and keep fragile items safe, like smartphones, laptops, and other electronic items.

A messenger bag is a nice, trendy, stylish (yet practical) way to carry all of your everyday items in just one package and it comes in both men’s and women’s styles. The best messenger bags for men are available in a wide range of designs and materials.

What will suit you, accordingly, is something that will fit your lifestyle and your personality. All the essentials you need to know about these bags will be discussed in this guide.

Messenger bags acquired their name due to the purpose they serve for bicycle messengers. The bag is a cross-body type and it stays on the user’s hip or lower back when riding a bicycle.

Its design provides the messenger with freedom of movement while allocating the items’ weight more comfortably. Due to the demands of these bags that will fully contain all of a person’s everyday stuff, and at the same time make access to that stuff easier and keep any vulnerable items safe, the messenger bag was upgraded and thus turned into a fashionable item that merges functionality and style.

This kind of bag is more than just an item to store your things in. It is also a great accessory. The styles and the materials that make a messenger bag can turn it into a stylish statement, rather than just a functional and no-frills piece of equipment. It can complete your look.

Standard bags made from leather are timeless and classy, while sportier models give off a more urban type of cool look.

Messenger Bag Materials

Material is a factor that establishes the purpose, durability, and price of the messenger bag. It should be noted that bags made with natural materials, like leather, offer a more traditional or professional style, while ones made with synthetics reflect more active or urban lifestyles.

Bags made from more distinctive materials, like rubber, offer an inimitable charm for individuals who are after a one-of-a-kind style statement.


If you want something classy and traditional, a leather messenger bag is recommended. This material is believed to be the oldest material employed for making bags.

To this day, this material is sought after because, even if it succumbs to wear, the whole bag still looks good and functions even better. Currently, top choices in leather material include the top-grain and the full-grain kind.

Most experts suggest that the best messenger bags for men are made with top-grain and full-grain leather because of both materials age better than genuine leather.


Another popular choice for bag material is the canvas. Canvas is typically made from linen or cotton and is woven to make a stronger, thicker fabric.

Because of their structure, messenger bags that are made with this material are often light, yet sturdy. This fabric also gives a casual look, so canvas bags are recommended for laid-back tasks, such as carrying school supplies and books.

The majority of canvas bags are also treated, to have water-resistant properties.

Plain canvas is also a good medium to extend your creativity; it is a nice material to paint or dye so, if you are the type who likes personalized items or has an artistic bent, you can go for messenger bags made with canvas.


Nylon bags are made with versatility in mind. Nylon is sturdy and lightweight and it undergoes a special procedure to make it tear-resistant.

Nylon’s resourcefulness also enables it to be employed in different places. If you want something fashionable, you can opt for messenger bags made with this kind of material.

Nylon is also naturally waterproof, so you can use it in places with frequent wet and snowy weather conditions. For better water-resistant properties, some nylon bags are treated with vinyl.


Rubber has a similar appearance to genuine leather, however, it has a shinier finish. The item is naturally water-resistant so if you want a bag to use for outdoor activities or rainy locations, you can opt to choose this.

However, rubber is not as stretchable compared with other bag materials and is also prone to high temperatures.

Whatever your choice when it comes to messenger bag, it is most important to consider the most suitable one for you and your lifestyle.

Lisa Ortiz
Lisa Ortiz

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