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When you say the words canvas backpack, many people get visions of dirt, trees, trails, and tents. Although hikers and campers certainly need a backpack suitable for trekking long miles and hauling necessary gear, there are many other uses for the versatile and long-lasting over-the-shoulder strap and bag design. In fact, backpack wearers include front-line fashionistas, serious businesspersons and moms on the go.


A Dozen and More Reasons to Carry Backpacks

Designers have created small and large canvas backpacks to fit a variety of needs. Here are some of the things you can do with a canvas backpack:

  • Carry outdoor supplies for camping, hiking, fishing or hunting;
  • Use an insulated backpack to carry picnic supplies or your lunch;
  • Tote a stylish pack instead of a purse;
  • Carry school books and supplies;
  • Use a pack fitted especially for your laptop;
  • Replace a stuffy, hard to carry a briefcase with the convenience of a backpack for work;
  • Forgo large, kiddy-colored diaper bags for stylish vintage canvas;
  • Use a backpack as your carry-on to keep arms and hands-free for food and shopping in the airport;
  • Give themed or kit gifts in a backpack instead of a basket; or
  • Use backpacks as a makeup bag.


About Canvas Backpacks

The reason so many backpacks are made from canvas is that it is such a heavy, sturdy fabric. Canvas is used in the construction of sails, tents and other items that require long-term use. Although modern backpacks are often made from canvas, people have been carrying rucksacks for centuries. The ability to shoulder a heavy burden and distribute weight evenly over the upper back and shoulders while leaving hands free for defense, work or for balance has been taken advantage of by ancient soldiers and grade school children alike.


Tips for Choosing a Canvas Backpack

If you are in the market for a backpack, here are a few tips for choosing the perfect model for your personality and needs. Canvas Backpack

Choose a pack designed for your intended activities. A laptop backpack will not provide the same features as one designed specifically for hikers.
Try on the bag and make sure you can adjust it comfortably.
Buy a pack made from the right type of fabric. Heavier canvas allows for carrying more weight.

A good backpack may cost a bit more, but it can last for years, even when faced with abuse on the trails or in the office.

The best backpacks are those that allow for appropriate strap and weight adjustment. No matter what you are carrying in the pack, it should not hamper your balance or ability to move. When carrying an abnormally heavy load, it is important to distribute items in a strategic fashion to maintain ease of movement. This is why individuals in the armed forces are trained to pack their canvas rucksack in a standard way.

Lisa Ortiz
Lisa Ortiz

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