Beach - Pool Towels

Has the blazing sun taken a toll on you all this busy work week? It’s time to hit the beaches and pools for some quite and cool time in order to calm your inner self and ready it for the hectic weekdays to come in another 2 days. It’s also the time to grab some fundamentals for your long planned fun trip—an effective sunscreen, some sexy swimwear and how can I forget the beach towels!

Beachtowels not only help cover up but can play a naughty role in your little fun trip. A longer towel can also be wrapped as a sarong and you can ditch your sticky swim suit goodbye for the weekend. We at offer you some exotic quality towels from Q-tees towels. With super technology and a combination of velour and terry loops makes them one of the finest in their league. Now you can get your boys their very own beach towels by getting them personalized with their names or an animated sea creature along. They would be proud to flaunt their own towels and you get a chance to convince them to keep themselves dry all day long.

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