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OPE4305Translucent Aqua

26 oz. Stark Bottle w/ Fruit Infuser

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Translucent Aqua
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You know it, you have been told before. Drinking water is good for you. But the only thing that is even better than water is water infused with vital vitamins and minerals. Only you can decide which types of vitamins and minerals you want to adopt into your diet, but buying the perfect Fruit Infuser Water Bottle is the start of that process.

Choose our 26 Oz. Stark Bottle W/ Fruit Infuser if you are looking for one. Why? Because this bottle is packed features like the following:
  • Designed to make delicious natural fruit-flavored beverages
  • Infuser chamber attached to the bottom of the lid to hold fruit or herbs
  • Screw-on, spill-resistant lid with flip-up sip top
  • Features 2 finger easy-carry handle
  • Removable infuser chamber
  • Hand wash recommended
  • BPA free
Get your trendy water bottle with fruit infuser now from Oasis Promos Atlanta.
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