Power of Promotional Products

Promo products yield a return on investment beyond any other marketing strategy. They're welcomed advertising with a high amount of recall for consumers. Don't just take our word for it. Take a look at the powerful impact of a good promo!

Promotional products are a step ahead of other advertising strategies. Why? They're a guaranteed way to get your brand in the hands of your customers. People aren't going to hang on to a newspaper ad, and you can't really use a TV commercial. Whether you give away personalized pens or custom tote bags, your customers will have more than just your brand name to take home with them. Every time they jot a note with their pen or store items in their tote, they'll remember their experience working with your company. You won't find those impressions in any other form of advertising!

Consumer Actions Taken On Ads In Past Six Months

Consumer attitude towards Promo products graph

Compare Advertising By Generations

A study by Promotional Products Association Institute (PPAI) found that Promotional Products have the highest impact across generations; everyone loves promotional products!
Baby Boomers behavior towards Promotional ProductsGenX behavior towards Promotional ProductsMillenials behavior towards Promotional Products

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