Tote Bags

Tote Bags for women have been in trend for many years now and they make carrying things a lot easier for women. Looking for a canvas tote bag? Shop a variety of tote-bag styles, colors and sizes to suit your needs.
11.5 oz. Portland Button-Up Canvas Tote - Oasis Promos
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    One way to go green is by using canvas bags. For high-quality tote bags, you should check out our 11.5 Oz. Portland Button-Up Canvas Tote....
  • 11.5 oz. Newberg Canvas Tote - Oasis Promos
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    You can never go wrong with a tote bag, especially with our 11.5 Oz. Newberg Canvas Tote. This bag features a tighter weave construction making...
  • 10 oz. Cotton Canvas Everyday Tote - Oasis Promos
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    Our 10 Oz. Cotton Canvas Everyday Tote is perfect for your daily errands. This bag is made out of heavy-duty cotton canvas that can withstand...
  • OPQTBM Mini Tote Bag - Black
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    $0.79 $0.79
    $0.79 $0.79
    This Mini Tote Bag might be small in size but not short in value. If you are looking for quality 100% cotton tote bags, whether for personal...
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