Shopping Bags

Shopping bags, eco bag or reusable shopping tote bags are now becoming a necessity. Print your business name or logo on eco bags or shopping bags! Not only you can promote your business in a unique and creative way but you're helping the environment at the same time. Make every shopping eco-friendly by using reusable shopping bags or eco shopping bags.

Check our eco-friendly shopping bags and get them at retail or wholesale prices.

JBWB1S & JBWB1C Solid Front & Clear Front One Bottle Jute/ Burlap Wine Bag - Oasis Promos
  • 26%
    For your next holiday promotional bag, we recommend our Burlap Wine Bag. This particular wine bag is made from 100% natural and eco-friendly jute materials. It...
  • JBWB2 & JBWBS2 Clear Front & Solid Front 2 Bottle Jute Wine Bag - Oasis Promos
  • 37%
    If you need a 2-Bottle promotional wine jute bag for your next event, we recommend our 2 Bottle Jute Wine Bag. This wine bag is guaranteed...
  • JB-6122 All Natural Jute/ Burlap Book Bag - Oasis Promos
  • 40%
    Jute bags are quickly becoming more popular these days. That's why choosing this All Natural Jute/ Burlap Book Bag as your next promotional item is a smart...
  • JBWB3 & JBWBS3 Clear Front & Solid Front 3 Bottle Jute Wine Bag - Oasis Promos
  • 28%
    Do you sell wine and needs a 3-bottle wine bag? Try our 3 Bottle Jute Wine Bag. This promotional wine jute bag is guaranteed made from...
  • JBWB4 Four Bottle Jute/ Burlap Wine Bag - Oasis Promos
  • 29%
    If you need a wine jute bag that is generous in size, our 4 Four Bottle Jute/ Burlap Wine Bag is perfect for you. Made from 100%...
  • JB-8034 Retail Style Double Zipper Jute Bag - Oasis Promos
  • 33%
    Every penny that you will spend for this Retail Style Double Zipper Jute Bag will be worth it. This show-stopping promotional bag will surely catch the eyes...
  • JB-913 All Natural Jute Grocery Tote With Rope Handles - Oasis Promos
  • 34%
    You can never go wrong with our All Natural Jute Grocery Tote with rope handles. This promotional jute bag is available in 5 popular colors. It...
  • JB-912 Two Tone Tuscany Jute Bag - Oasis Promos
  • 27%
    This cute, modern looking, natural burlap bag will surely make your next promotional campaign a winner! This Two Tone Tuscany Jute Bag is guaranteed made from jute...
  • JB-904 All  Natural Jute Tote Bag With Bottom Gusset And Web Handles - Oasis Promos
  • 38%
    Perfect for everyday use, our All Natural Jute Tote Bag with bottom gusset and web handles is your next favorite jute tote bag. This best-selling bag is...
  • JB119 All Natural Jute Fashion Tote - Oasis Promos
  • 57%
    A fashionable yet sustainable tote bag? You can have both with this All Natural Jute Fashion Tote. This two-tone jute shopping bag comes with a rope handle....
  • JB-908 All Natural Jute Economy Tote With Rope Handles - Oasis Promos
  • 50%
    Promotional jute tote bags can be fashionable too, just like this beautifully crafted All Natural Jute Economy Tote with rope handles. This two-tone jute shopping bag...
  • JB-902 All Natural Jute 2 Tone Shopping Totes - Oasis Promos
  • 42%
    Our All Natural Jute 2-Tone Shopping Totes might just become your new favorite tote bag! This two-tone jute shopping bag with front pocket and the cotton webbed...
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