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Did you know that 53% of people who receive logo bags view the advertiser more favorably, and that 68% of recipients end up doing business with the advertiser? More than half of your customers will view your business in a more positive light, and nearly three-quarters of your customers will use your company's products or services.Custom bags need to be in your marketing lineup, and Oasis Tees is just the partner to design and develop a comprehensive campaign using promotional bags.

Studies show that recipients use promotional bags an average of nine times per month, and they keep these custom bags an average of nine months. Logo-printed custom bags have staying power, and it's for two main reasons: They're functional and they look good.

When asked the reasons for keeping a promotional bag, 91% of recipients say because it's useful and 34% say because it's attractive. People find value in bags -- they're using them and they're proudly displaying your logo when they're out and about. Oasis Tees is here to provide you the best value for your buck!

Foldable Lunch Bag - Oasis Promos
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    $3.06 $3.40
    $3.06 $3.40
    Our Foldable Lunch Bag will surely keep your food fresh. This is a compact and foldable lunch bag was made from 70D nylon and comes...
  • Pinnacle Mesh Drawstring Backpack - Royal Blue:9624.preview.jpg
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    The perfect drawstring bag for all your outdoor activities is our Pinnacle Mesh Drawstring Backpack. It is not only made from 210D polyester which is...
  • TFB103- Economical Nylon Sports Pack
  • For a stronger and more durable finish, this Economical Nylon Sports Pack is made out of 210D polyester with leather reinforced black trim at the...
  • TFB105- Nylon Backpack
  • Choose Nylon Backpacks for your school things or sports items. This drawstring backpack is made from nylon, which is typically strong enough for normal backpack...
  • TFB107- Large Insulated Cooler Bag (12 Pack)
  • Whether you need a large cooler for your picnic or outdoor activities or extra storage at home, you will find this insulated cooler bag handy!...
  • TFB95- Stylish Two Tone Foldup Tote
  • You will be surprised to know how tiny our TFB95- Stylish Two Tone Foldup Tote can be. This convenient multi-purpose tote bag folds into a...
  • TFB98- Classic Nylon Boat Tote Bag With Contrasting Trim And Bottom
  • Our TFB98- Classic Nylon Boat Tote Bag With Contrasting Trim And Bottom will be a hit especially for those who are looking for tote bags...
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