December 16, 2019 2 min read

Get a satisfying return on your marketing investment and increase traffic to your booth at your next trade show or special event with promotional bags. A great tool for promoting your brand, promo bags are cost-effective giveaways that recipients truly appreciate.

Here’s why they work:

They're Practical
Promotional bags are practical giveaways at parties or events because they give attendees a way to collect materials while keeping their hands free to browse, mingle and take notes. By pre-loading your bags with your own company's information, you can be assured that everyone who comes by to grab a free bag is also picking up important literature about your organization.

They're Desirable
Who doesn't like a free bag? Especially at an event where there's a lot to carry, it doesn't take long for attendees to start scouting out booths that might offer a free bag in which to store everything. The nicer your bag, the more likely it is that people will make a point of seeking one out.

They Last
Printing your logo and business information onto a bag is far more effective than simply handing out business cards. People will carry your bag throughout an event, displaying your logo everywhere for other attendees to notice. Unlike paper cards and brochures, which are easily discarded, custom-printed promo bags can be used long after an event is over, reminding recipients about your business and displaying your logo across the country or around the globe.

They're Environmentally Friendly
Giving away reusable bags is a great way to show potential clients that your company cares about the environment. Instead of handing out company information stuffed inside plastic bags, try placing marketing materials into reusable totes. Take this one step further and choose a bag made of eco-friendly material to make a good impression on environmentally-conscious customers.

They're Versatile
Custom bags can be used to pass out promotional materials, given as prizes, used to reward loyal customers or handed out at festivals and parties. Because of the wide variety of bags available, you can create something unique that makes a statement about your business. If you're a retail outlet, print your logo on a reusable shopping bag. A technology company could choose to give away laptop bags. A salon or beauty supply store might opt for cute little feminine totes.

Promotional bags help get your company's logo noticed at trade shows and special events. With greater longevity than readily discarded paper marketing materials, they're a good investment that pays off for years to come. Turn potential customers into walking advertisements for your business and offer them a giveaway they'll love with promo bags.
Lisa Ortiz
Lisa Ortiz

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